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ED painting line

Electrodepositing painting method is one of the best coating process for general  industries and automotive parts.   we are utilizing the latest technology machinery  from Italy (IMEL) including accurate testing machines from Germany to produce the highest quality finished products.



This multi tiered processes includes pretreatments level to oven level (20 min per 180° c) the completion time is less than 2h per section. this technology is capable of painting the smallest dimension  to the largest dimension.     This painting line is using only for black color with  16-20 microns color thickness with brightness  of 40 to 60 and adhesive is grade a. the final product withstands    500 hr salt spray .



Products quality have been assured by this line. we are using the best sources for raw materials , like Henckle in Germany and  kansi in Japan.  painting line capacity is 3,000,000 mē per year for the automotive body parts and general industries.

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